Have a Career Teaching People How to Live Healthfully!

Wellness consultant is a career that has gained popularity in the last decade because people have started focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help prevent illness and disease rather than treat the problems after they occur.  A wellness consultant is a person who assesses an individual’s personal habits, then makes recommendations based on exercise, nutrition, and stress management.   Most wellness consultants are experts at finding and suggesting simple solutions that their clients can incorporate into their daily life to lead a healthier lifestyle. Wellness programs are being implemented in the workplace, where employers are beginning to notice an increase in productivity in healthy employees.  Employment for wellness consultants has increased as corporations integrate programs with the hope of keeping their staff healthy and productive. Many companies now offer wellness programs in addition their employee’s regular health benefits.

A wellness consultant first needs to finish the required wellness training courses. Growing numbers of wellness training centers have opened across the country, each one offering different comprehensive wellness-training programs.  A 300-hour wellness consultant program covers a wide range of topics including nutrition, physiology and anatomy, first aid/CPR and fitness consulting. You also learn how to measure your client’s progress.  The most important aspect of wellness consulting training is developing communication skills. Wellness consultants learn how to assess a client’s individual needs and what recommendations to make based on the person’s personality.

A wellness consultant who works for a corporate company will generally earn a yearly salary, while a wellness consultant that works with individual clients as an entrepreneur will be paid on a client by client basis.  Obviously this means that the salary for a wellness consultant has a wide range.  The range is between $30,000 to 103,000 the median being $58,000.  I would say this all depends on hours being put into it, and experience.

Jasmine Jafferali is a wellness coach who has seen a lot of success in her career and with her blog. Check her out http://healthyjasmine.com/



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