Use your lazy-ness to work in your favor with pinterest!

And by lazy I mean all the important time you spend sitting on your butt, looking at Facebook, Instagram,Vine, Youtube. . . You get the idea, we all know that list goes on and on!  But one that is actually a great resource for great short workouts, healthy eating, and motivational quotes is Pinterest.


 I love all the health, nutrition, and fitness links I can find on Pinterest. . .and when I’m  not caught up in the other cute craft posts next to the “10 min workout you can do on your bedroom Floor” posts I actually try the workouts, and occasionally the healthy recipes, but I do get motivated to be healthy and loose weight when I see all those motivational quotes, but mostly when I see half naked girls with ridiculously skinny, toned, tanned bodies! I want that body and seeing someone else with it makes me want it more! 

I recently posted a link to “5 things that will help stop sugar cravings”.  Because I’m always trying to limit the amount of sugar I eat and it never works. . Mostly cause I have crazy withdrawals from quitting sugar. .I decided this post would probably be useful to me, and it has been! 

Since there are so many people In this world with Sugar addictions like me, and that crazy sweet tooth I figured it could be useful to share!

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Fad-Friday! HCG!


It’s Friday! And today’s Fad Friday diet is. . .HCG! ( exclamation because it’s another on of those love hate relationships with me and HCG) I have done HCG 2 times, and lost a ton of weight both times. . . But let’s be honest; you’re eating 500 calories, no sugar, and more veggies than any normal person eats in a day. . .how are you not going to be just melting fat off your body?  HCG is a hormone found in pregnant ladies, it basically feeds the unborn child the woman’s fat stores if she is starving. So if you feed your body only 500 calories a day your body thinks its starving, and then the HCG makes it so you body starts feeding away fat store calories, which are the hardest  to lose ( for me anyway, and I think lots of girls have the same problem). Both times I expected to feel super hungry and for it to be real hard, since you have to spend time in the kitchen to eat as healthfully as you are supposed to eat while on HCG. Both times I did it I felt hungry and cranky for the first 2 days. . I’m guessing mostly from sugar withdrawals. . . The addiction to sugar is real, and I would be happiest strung out on sugar all day long! But then again if I were eating that much sugar all the time I’d be fat. . . And that would not make me happy!! Right?  After the 2 days of adjusting to no sugar and 500 calories weight just stared to shed off my body, not to mention I got used to it,and it wasn’t all that bad.  I liked doing HCG because I knew exactly what I was supposed to eat, so even though it took longer to cook my meals I always knew what I was going to be eating, which made it easier in some ways for me. . . This diet will help you lose weight if you do it right! However this is a quick way to lose temporary weight! Unless you make cooking chicken, and veggies every day part of your life permanently, along with cutting out all sugar, then you will put all of the weight back on

Fad Friday! 5 HTP

I first heard about 5 HTP in January on the Dr. Oz show (you can check out the episode here:  5 HTP is a natural hormone that is produced by our bodies.  It makes serotonin in our brains which helps us feel fuller.  So in short it’s a natural appetite suppressant, but it also heightens your mood, which is always a plus!  On the Dr. Oz show he talks a little bit about why it helps curb your appetite. Basically when we are over eating its due to many reasons relating mostly to stress, hormones, boredom, ect. I know I eat more when I’m stressed, if my kids are making me crazy, or I don’t know where to start with my overwhelming pile of homework, I head straight to the kitchen to get my sugar fix.  That ladies and gentlemen is the reason I’m about 20 pounds more than I want to weigh right now!  So when you take 5 HTP it makes serotonin in your brain, which then increases your mood, lowers your stress, and makes you feel more full.  In turn you eat less, your stomach shrinks, and your loss weight!!

But does it really work and is it Safe?

Like I said earlier, it’s natural, so as far as Dr. Oz and the other doctors that were saying on the show, it’s very safe.  They also seemed to think it worked great, however they did say it was slow weight loss. This is not the fad diet you want if you are trying to lose 5 pounds a week.  But with that being said, when it is slow weight loss it ends up being safer and most likely more permanent.  SO now to my experience: I didn’t see any difference when I used it, I did buy the store brand. . .so that might have been the problem, and I also was using it with raspberry ketones, which I also heard about on Dr. Oz.  Maybe that had some sort of counter effect?  5 HTP seems so legit, and Dr. Oz endorsed it, so it makes me bummed out that it didn’t do anything for me, so I bought some more, this time I bought the Nature Made brand( they were only $9, worth a second try) and I’m only going to take the 5 HTP, and see if I have different this time

I will post more about my second go around with a more legit brand, and following the instructions better.  But for now if you’re thinking about taking 5 HTP, DON’T BUY THE STORE BRAND!

If anyone else has tried 5 HTP leave your experience, tips, and opinion on the product!

Fad-Friday!! It’s a love/hate relationship!


It’s Friday! I love Fridays, so to celebrate Fridays I invented Fad Fridays! I, as well as thousands and thousands of other women, also love(but also hate) a good fad diet. I love them, until I gain all the weight back, and then I hate them! I usually research a fad diet briefly before trying it, just to make sure I’m not going to die from doing it.  Even though I know there are negative side effects with all the fad diets I’ve done, I still do them because I want to drop 10 pounds fast right before my sister gets married and we take a million family photos, or I go to Hawaii, or on a date with that super hot guy with the really amazing body!  

So just incase you’re thinking about trying a fad diet and you want to hear my personal experience, as well as getting some of the information, that I so quickly found while researching before doing it myself, I’ll post every Friday about a different fad diet. If you ladies have request for a particular diet you’re thinking about doing let me know. If it’s one I haven’t tried, I’ll get some info on it, and then hopefully feedback from other followers to pass alone to all of you.

Anyway, moral of the story is that even though we all know it’s much healthier and more permanent to lose weight on a stable healthy diet, we still do fad diets because we don’t all practice the discipline to stay on the stable healthy diet. I say PRACTICE because we all have the discipline, we just don’t practice it.  I will post things to make it easier to practice discipline, and live healthy, because I definitely recommend living healthy day to day and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight over fad diets where you drop a bunch of weight and then gain it all back. but IF you are going to try a fad diet, like I do from time to time, you can get some info from my Fad-Friday post.

Alright ladies what fad diets do you want info on?? Let me know, and any specific info you want about the diet.

Happy Friday!!!

Goal Setting is the first step to your success


Tuesday. . .the second day of my “diet”. . the same one I start every week on Monday, and then fade out of by Wednesday.  I know my mom also does this, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only two that do this.  This week we are trying to keep it going strong past the weekend by having a monetary competition.  We started yesterday and we are seeing who loses the most weight in the next five weeks. .  .  $20 is on the line so wish me luck! Ha.

I know it’s easier to accomplish goals when you set specific goals that you know are honestly obtainable, write them down, and tell other people. . as much as we like to do things on our own, we have to have a support group!!  Just do it!  So just bare with me, I’m going to write my goals on here, and use you guys as my support group-I’m really good at finding ways to kill two birds with one stone!   My goal is to lose 12 pounds in those 5 weeks, and then I want to continue to lose 8 more pounds in the next 5 weeks after that. Right now I weigh 141.5. . . I have never weighed this much, EVER! (besides when I was prego of course) the lowest I’ve weighed in my adult life is 121 and I love being that weight, but I also love food so it’s hard for me to get to that weight. Can I get an Amen from my thick sisters because I know we would be friends if you love dessert as much as I do! However; it’s more important that we keep our bodies healthy, than being able to eat our favorite desserts! Right ladies?




The only way I ever reach my goals is by following all these steps.


  • Decide what your goal is and how you will accomplish it (20 pounds in 10 weeks)
  • The reason you want to accomplish this goal (to be healthy and sexy of course!)


  • Put your whole heart into it! –might sound cheesy. .  .but seriously, do it!
  • “Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion.”


  • Realize that you need to sacrifice all the junk food that is negatively affecting your body!
  • Pay the price to earn your reward!


  • Be positive about your sacrifice and your goals
  • Remember what you are sacrificing for (health, a rockin’ bod!) and LOVE your decision to do something good for YOURSELF!!!!!!

Ladies write your goals here, we can be each other’s support group!  We all need positive reinforcement from other women! So don’t be shy, I got your back girls!!

THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES! – but lets be honest we’re getting skinny for the guys

CAKE!The saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” has never really made sense to me, however I figured out that the saying “You can’t eat your cake and be skinny too” is completely true, and if you’ve never heard that saying its cause I made it up, but doesn’t it make so much more sense than the more well known one?

I’m starting this blog because being healthy and looking good are both very important to me, the hard part is actually living healthfully, and I want to share my own – as well as others, tips and tricks for making healthy living easier for busy moms like myself, and so many others out there just like me.

I haven’t always been and still am not living as healthy as I know I should be. I’m just like most every other mom out there; I occasionally make my kids fast unhealthy meals (hot dogs, frozen pizza, pop tarts ect.), and of course I eat their leftovers (don’t pretend like you don’t), and some days I wonder why I ever fight with my kids, well mostly my son (4 yr.) about eating anything green . . . or really anything of good nutritional value for that matter.  All of these things we do as moms can make it hard to develop/maintain healthy habits for ourselves, as well as our children . . . which is one of the best things we can do for them, as their parent, and ourselves. . . cause remember ladies: we need to take care of ourselves too!!! Although we seem to forget that sometimes.  Please share your own good ideas, tips, tricks, and comments!!