Fad-Friday! HCG!


It’s Friday! And today’s Fad Friday diet is. . .HCG! ( exclamation because it’s another on of those love hate relationships with me and HCG) I have done HCG 2 times, and lost a ton of weight both times. . . But let’s be honest; you’re eating 500 calories, no sugar, and more veggies than any normal person eats in a day. . .how are you not going to be just melting fat off your body?Β  HCG is a hormone found in pregnant ladies, it basically feeds the unborn child the woman’s fat stores if she is starving. So if you feed your body only 500 calories a day your body thinks its starving, and then the HCG makes it so you body starts feeding away fat store calories, which are the hardest Β to lose ( for me anyway, and I think lots of girls have the same problem). Both times I expected to feel super hungry and for it to be real hard, since you have to spend time in the kitchen to eat as healthfully as you are supposed to eat while on HCG. Both times I did it I felt hungry and cranky for the first 2 days. . I’m guessing mostly from sugar withdrawals. . . The addiction to sugar is real, and I would be happiest strung out on sugar all day long! But then again if I were eating that much sugar all the time I’d be fat. . . And that would not make me happy!! Right? Β After the 2 days of adjusting to no sugar and 500 calories weight just stared to shed off my body, not to mention I got used to it,and it wasn’t all that bad.Β  I liked doing HCG because I knew exactly what I was supposed to eat, so even though it took longer to cook my meals I always knew what I was going to be eating, which made it easier in some ways for me. . . This diet will help you lose weight if you do it right! However this is a quick way to lose temporary weight! Unless you make cooking chicken, and veggies every day part of your life permanently, along with cutting out all sugar, then you will put all of the weight back on