How to Survive Halloween – Good Luck With This One!


So about this time every year I try and brace myself for the amount of candy that will be laying around the house.  I really have to mentally prepare myself . . .I have to tell myself  not to gorge on candy before the trick or treaters even come! And then guess what  I do it anyway . . . last year, the day after Halloween I found myself in bed watching 90210 with my kids candy buckets and way too many empty candy wrappers all over my bed. . . was I depressed you might ask. . Nope, just relapsing on way toooo much sugar!!!

This year I am making a sharing my “don’t gorge on candy list” if I share it with the world I have to listen to my own advice right?? Also I hope it is a good guideline for some of you as well.

  • Only buy candy you don’t like. You won’t eat it before the actual day that the candy is for.  Along the same lines, you won’t want to eat the left overs either-if there happen to be any.
  • Pick out 2-3 pieces of candy from your kids buckets and only eat that candy. . . and no I don’t mean each kids bucket, I mean total, 2-3 pieces total!
  • Send the rest of the candy to their dad’s house. . . . or if you don’t have the benefit of sending all the candy away then throw most of it away, seriously young kids don’t even notice, and older kids will hide the candy from you anyway if they know you are going to try and eat it. If you think that is it brutal to throw away kids candy then you probably should think more about your kids’ health than helping their sugar addiction right?
  • Whatever you do don’t hide their candy buckets in your bedroom or closet to regulate how much of it they eat.  YOU WILL END UP IN BED WITH THE CANDY!!!  And believe me that never ends up pretty! And it’s not worth it!!

Hope this helps some of you ladies regulate your Halloween candy intake!!



Use your lazy-ness to work in your favor with pinterest!

And by lazy I mean all the important time you spend sitting on your butt, looking at Facebook, Instagram,Vine, Youtube. . . You get the idea, we all know that list goes on and on!  But one that is actually a great resource for great short workouts, healthy eating, and motivational quotes is Pinterest.


 I love all the health, nutrition, and fitness links I can find on Pinterest. . .and when I’m  not caught up in the other cute craft posts next to the “10 min workout you can do on your bedroom Floor” posts I actually try the workouts, and occasionally the healthy recipes, but I do get motivated to be healthy and loose weight when I see all those motivational quotes, but mostly when I see half naked girls with ridiculously skinny, toned, tanned bodies! I want that body and seeing someone else with it makes me want it more! 

I recently posted a link to “5 things that will help stop sugar cravings”.  Because I’m always trying to limit the amount of sugar I eat and it never works. . Mostly cause I have crazy withdrawals from quitting sugar. .I decided this post would probably be useful to me, and it has been! 

Since there are so many people In this world with Sugar addictions like me, and that crazy sweet tooth I figured it could be useful to share!

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