Running 26 + miles. . .Crazy??


Is it just me or do other people think that running 26.2 miles is just on the edge of crazy? Don’t get me wrong, I really admire people that have the discipline and drive to get in shape for a full marathon, and even though 26 miles just sounds sooo far, I would really like to participate in a marathon one of these days! But maybe a half marathon at 13.1 miles first. 

I’ve been looking into marathons/half marathons that I might be interested in training for and realized while doing my research, that apparently not very many people think that a standard 26.2 run on the pavement marathon is nuts, I have found so many extreme marathons, all over the world.  And when I say extreme I mean people are dying doing these marathons, granted it’s not a large amount of people, still people are dying. . . um yeah I think I’ll just keep my feet on the regular pavement and huff and puff through 26 miles.  However if you love standard marathons or you are an extremist or a thrill seeker here are some of the most popular marathons as well as some pretty extreme but really cool sounding marathons to check out!

First one is familiar to me because it’s not too far from my house . .

The Death Valley Marathon/Half Marathon

  • Death Valley is in the desert in southern Utah.  The highest recoreded temp is 134 degrees. . . WOW that is hot, defiantly doesn’t get that hot in Utah often, but still the temperature down there in the desert gets pretty extreme

U.S. Airforce Marathon

  • Dayton Ohio

Illinois Marathon

  • 13,000 runners gather in champaign Illnois for this one

Suntrust National Marathon

  • In our country’s capital; Washington DC

Nike Woman’s Marathon

  • In san Francisco California, 93% of the finishers are female. . . they hand out Tiffany & Co. neckalace at the finish line- um yeah make sense why there are so many woman doing this race!

Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon

  • Obviously in Seattle Washington

Portland Marathon

  • This beginner friendly marathon is held in Portland Oregon

Now for the extreme marathons;

Everest Marathon

  • Held in Nepal at the base of Mount Everest. Starting at 17,000 and heading downhill from there.

Great Wall marathon

  • This one sounds pretty cool.  With 5,164 steps to climb throughout the marathon it qualifies as the marathon with the most amount of stairs, go figure, its held throughout the Great Wall Of China

And Last but not least!

The Polar Circle marathon

  • This just sounds freezing, but also qualifies and the iciest marathon around.

Check these marathons out and get running! But if a full marathon is too much for you at this point then start with a free- half marathon just to get yourself somewhat ready for the real deal.

There aren’t many free marathons, but one that is free and is a half marathon for us starters is called Free Half Marathon (really clever name right? Ha) in Phoenix, AZ on February 16, 2014. . . Get training, that’s not too far off from now!